How To Play CABAL 2 in SEA Region

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I‘ve tried several times in searching for this topic on the net and yet I found none. So the last thing that I did is to download the game from “PlayThisGame” site. I really don’t know if this will work but in my experience playing similar titles, there’s a way to get into the game if its region-blocked. Signing up is easy. Just provide an email address and you will be done in no time. Next is to download the client software. Install after downloading then launch it to begin the Cabal 2 installation. Game download can be paused and started again if you want so if you have an intermittent internet connection it won’t give you headaches. Take note that if you have <5 Mbps, updating/downloading the game might seem to take forever. In my case, my first attempt failed for several days using my 2Mbps LTE connection. But after upgrading to 10Mbps, it took me around 4 hours to download the game. Full Cabal 2 install as of this posting will cost your drive around 37 GB of space. I don’t know why it takes that much space. Maybe errors during download was also included and stored in that folder. After checking it though while crafting this blog post, it is now only down to 11 GB.

After downloading the game, you might experience some problems during the installation/update period. Don’t worry, all you have to do is to restart the game by re-launching the client/updater software. Also, make sure that the installation folder and the executable is “excluded” or “skipped” by your anti-virus software during and after the installation. Just enable “HIPS” in your AV to avoid any potential problems like computer virus/malware infection.

Attempting to play Cabal 2 if you’re in SEA region is futile unless you will use a VPN software that will provide you an IP address in the NA or EU region. Having said this, you have to choose VPN service providers that will make the Cabal 2 servers think you’re playing in these regions. As of this posting, Cabal 2 publishers aren’t blocking VPN clients like HSS so I will play until it stops working. For me, the best free VPN so far is HotSpot Shield. Just download and install then you will be presented with a GUI similar to the image below. Choose US or UK then click the slider to get connected. Once connected launch the Cabal 2 client launcher then refer to the game screenshots above. You will be ask for a “sub password” after the logging in using an on-screen numpad so better have one for your own security.

Having problems? Just post your comments below and I will see if I can help you. Happy gaming!!!

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