ZeTime Smartwatch Offers Classic Time Piece TFT Display


There’s a new wearable tech in town that is expected to join the smartwatch bandwagon. Crafted from Switzerland, the home of the best watch makers the ZeTime smartwatch is both a classic time piece and trendy smartwatch. Yes, it offers the best of both worlds. How did they do it? Engineers found a way to put the “hands” over the the TFT display by drilling a hole. To make it move without the usual “quartz” movement, they patented the so-called “Smartmovement” technology powered by two micro-motors and a tiny chip. This duo is the responsible for adjusting the time automatically. Additionally, it is also responsible for “moving” the hands for the best reading experience and switching it back to its original position afterwards.

ZeTime also offers a touchscreen experience on top of a classic time piece. Just like a normal smartphone, touch actions are sync in the underlying TFT display. Changing the watch faces, accessing other functions etc. The usual crown is no longer used for adjusting the “hands” but for navigating the menus. It can also act as a confirmation/validation button for a certain action similar to a “tap” on the screen.

ZeTime is manufactured with “durability” in mind. The classic time piece with the tiny chip and micro motors are enclosed in a stainless watchcase with an ultra precise touch panel combined with Gorilla Glass on top. Fear of getting soaked? ZeTime is water resistant with up to 30 meters deep. Powered by a battery that can last for 30 days on a single charge, you just need to charge the ZeTime once a month.

ZeTime smartwatch features include fitness activity tracker with 3 axis accelerometer. Smartphone notifications that is coupled with vibration engine. Also included are the usual calendar events notification, daily reminders, call/SMS alerts and heart rate monitoring. GPS is not included to improved battery performance. Phone calls aren’t included but the engineers are planning to make it available in the future.

For more information, you can watch the full video in Kickstarter.

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