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Yesterday, I featured the DT F1 smartband/smartwatch – a somewhat less pricey, water proof and features several core functionalities for an active lifestyle. In case you’re still having doubts that there is no better deal than this in terms of price and features, well maybe you are right. There is. Yes, it is the V07 smartband/smartwatch and another yes because it boasts almost the same features as the DT F1 smartband/smartwatch. On top of that, the V07 smartband comes with its own set of “nice to have” functionalities that is somewhat “important” for everybody using a similar product.

V07 smartband/smartwatch is crafted with almost the same materials (TPU, plastic, OLED etc.) used in the DT F1 smartband but the locking mechanism is much simpler. A metallic “button” attached on of the TPU strap is used to lock it on the “holes” of the other strap. While wearing the V07 is easy, on some occasion this “mechanism” fails especially if the smartband itself will be exposed to external “push/pull” forces. In my experience, the strap can be easily unlock when it got caught with bags or watch of another passenger while getting of the train or buses. While this is somewhat a drawback or a disadvantage, I can only look at it as “strength”. Remember the DT F1 smartband having a very soft strap? And the locking mechanism is similar to an ordinary watch? Can you imagine getting it caught so hard that the material will break? Yes, the strap of the V07 smartband will easily give in thereby protecting itself from breaking.

Aside from the pedometer, sleep monitoring, heart beat monitor, sedentary alarm and call/SMS notifications – the V07 smartband/smartwatch comes with a blood pressure function and push SMS content (including social media messages) on top of its call notification. Blood pressure monitoring works and accurately display my BP. Just don’t forget to lift your wrist with the smartband at the height similar to your heart. Arrhythmia detection is also included according to the specs but I don’t have yet experience that function myself. 🙂 Do you want to look at the time? Just simply lift your arm and twist your hand just like what you would do on a normal watch and the display will appear. Compared to the DT F1 smartband, you have to push a separate button for this. While this feature work at times, most of the time its not. Or maybe its just me. Until now I am still at the level of determining at what height should I lift my arm and how much “twist” would I need to make the display appear. Maybe I will get it to work someday huh?

V07 smartband/smartwatch comes with 70mAh polymer lithium battery. Compared to the DT F1, this is just about 1/3 of its capacity. Good thing though is that the V07 does not need a specialized cable to charge itself. Just remove that strap to expose the USB male port and charge it with your PC or laptop’s USB port. Full charge will take you less than an hour or so and this is enough to use it for 3-5 days. Normal usage (peeking at the time, periodic heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, pedometer) will give you 5 days. Beyond this, like frequent checking of blood pressure and frequent syncing with your phone will only take you 3 days on a single charge.

V07 smartband is IP67 (water resistant?) only so I really don’t want to test it underwater. IP67 states that it can only handle up to 30mins being underwater at a depth of about a meter. IP68 on the other hand is way beyond that but manufacturers should state at what depth or how long the device can be exposed such conditions.

Last but not the least, the V07 display orientation can be changed. If you want it vertical just tap that specific icon for 5 seconds and the display will change from horizontal to vertical. What else? Oh before I forgot this one will only cost you almost half of the DT F1 smartband. Yes it costs only around Php 1.6K and is available via COD at Lazada.


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