Prevent Android Game Crash using MacroDroid


Game crash has been a problem for me ever since I started playing mobile games (especially DH4) on my Galaxy Note 2. It is very annoying when you’re busy playing and then suddenly another app is being launch at the background. Often times, the app that is trying to interfere are automatic updates that are launched when the app detected that you’re connected to a WiFi hotspot. And to avoid further inconveniences, I do not have a choice but to switch to that app or launch task manager to stop the app/s from interfering with my game. Unfortunately, most of the time there were more than three apps were launched at the same time that stopping each app is a total waste of time. To make it worst after stopping a particular app from launching, another app is launch in the background that makes the situation more complicated.

I already tried using Gamebooster. But after installing the app and playing DH4 with it for a couple weeks, I felt that nothing has changed with my gaming experience. Though it may have clear the RAM and stop other unwanted processes from messing up with DH4, apps that tries to update still annoys me. Sometimes, this experience gives me a hunch that app updates corrupts my DH4. I have been searching for an app that might solve this game crash problem but I found none. Not until I bump into a Google app that can prevent other app from running. So if you’re having similar problem, you can try using this app that I found useful in preventing particular apps from executing while playing your favorite game.

Optimize Android Gaming using MacroDroid

Macro Droid can be used to automate almost any task that you can think of

Introducing Macrodroid. Primarily, this app is intended to automate almost any tasks that you can think of. There are many possible uses for this app and I think that the only limit is your imagination. I also found this app to be simple and gives you a step by step instruction to create your first Macro a.k.a task. I already tried using this app for almost a week now and I think it really holds on to its promise of automating the task given to it.

Since app updates makes my Dungeon Hunter 4 to crash (or worst corrupted), I create a Macro that when DH4 is launched MacroDroid will prevent/stop the ‘Download’ system process from running. Though I still experience a bit of lag, it is less frequent compared to allowing all other apps to proceed with their update.

To create your first Macro is very simple, just follow the steps below.

  1. After installing the app, launch the app and tap the ‘Add Macro’ icon.
  2. Select the trigger that you want. Triggers can be a system event or a user action. In my case, I choose ‘Application Launched’ trigger because I want to run a task every time I launch DH4.
  3. After choosing between Launch or Closed, tap ‘OK’ to continue. Next window that appears is the list of apps that you can choose from that will trigger the ‘Launch’ event. Tap the square box at the right then tap ‘OK’ to continue.
  4. Next, you will be ask to choose which ‘Action’ is performed if a particular ‘Trigger’ is met. In my case, I choose ‘Kill Background App’. Then, a list of apps/process will appear that you can choose from. Since I want to prevent app updates, I choose ‘Download’.
  5. Then click the right arrow at the upper right screen to continue. The next window that will appear will allow you to set some ‘checks’ or ‘exceptions’ to the rule. Since I do not want anything to interfere with my DH4, I didn’t set a ‘Constraint’ for my Macro.
  6. To finish, tap again the right arrow at the top right and then provide a name for your Marco. You can even set a category for this.
Optimize Android Gaming using MacroDroid

Macro Droid is base on triggers, events or user actions

Give it a try and let us know the results. It worked for me so I hope it will work for the majority of Anroid devices out there. For more information please check the app by going here. Have fun!

Note: Free version only allows you to create up to 5 Macro wherein each Macro can only have one action and constraint.

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