Shadow Blood [Game Review]

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In general, game publishers posts screenshot of what supposed to be the gameplay or character design. But after going thru the trouble of downloading, installing and going for a test run of the game later that you will find that the screenshot aren’t real. In my case for Shadow Blood what you see is what you get. Don’t get me wrong on this. Shadow Blood was close enough on becoming a PC game because of the detailed graphics and fast-combat action experience you will get.

Character design is very detailed as well as the weapons, armors and costumes. But unlike in a real-PC game, changing the armors will not change the way your character will look like. Changing the character appearance is possible if you will buy “Skins” from the “Costumes” shop. Wings and weapon costumes are also available.

Different character classes are available to please a lot of players. Assassins and Archers are not gender locked while the Warrior-like class and Loli is locked to Male and Female respectively. Assassin class caught my attention first so I haven’t tried yet the other class. Skills are flashy enough and very acrobatic that when the display effects started to fill the screen and the character started to do the stunts, the device’s screen will be filled with a lot of random stuff. Chaotic? Perhaps that is the best word to describe the gameplay in Shadow Blood.

Gameplay have different modes. Dungeon, campaign or stages you might call it as well as the Challenge mode wherein PVP and boss monster fight can be found. Different stages in the Campaign mode will reward you with either gold, exp or items. Of course completing each stage consistently reward you with these but there are specific stages intended to give the player higher rates of obtaining gold, exp and items. So maximize your time and plan to focus your energy on that specific stage. Some parts of the game will allow you to use “Auto” function. Continuous play also deserves an attention because it allows you to “farm” for exp, gold or coins. Getting excited already?

There are I think four type of currency in this game. Coins, gems, honor coins and friendship points. Reward system of Shadow Blood is quite generous. Huge amount of gems and coins can be obtained by completing daily and normal missions. Would you believe that I was able to buy Skin and Wings costume for my Assassin by simply playing this game and completing all the missions? Don’t believe it? Try playing this game and see for yourself.

Storyline is decent and quite interesting but not humorous that most of the time you will get bored reading all the lines. I think it is important to put some humor between the lines so that it will hooked the players into following the story. Well I guess, to me as long as the game is addicting enough I might care less about the storyline. Do you?

Downloading the game will cost you several hundreds of MB so use WiFi as much as possible. After installing and getting into the game, try to get friendly so that you will get friendship points that you can use to buy stamina, gears and other useful stuff. Hey! Don’t forget to add me in-game. My IGN is NUTC24CK32 and my current server is NCalifornia. See you there!

P.S. Here’s a few tip. Shadow Blood was released only a couple of weeks ago (Jan 19) so bugs and freezes should be expected. Just restart the game and you will be back in no time. If you are not playing solo, try to use WiFi as possible and be stationary as possible so that you won’t lose anything precious in the process. Some entry keys are quite scarce so don’t let them be put into waste because you got disconnected. Ouch!

For more info please watch the video below. Happy gaming!


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