Send Anywhere Still The Best File Sharing App


Without using any fancy network hardware (like a NAS) at your disposal, sharing files across different devices is a bit harder and time consuming. For several years I have been using the Shareit app on my Android and Windows PC without problems. In the past sharing some hundreds MBs of file is no fuss. Everything back then is smooth and easy. I begin to notice this issue when for the first time I tried sending a file to my Windows desktop that is worth 2 GB of disk storage. Upon noticing that it has been eating much of my time, I started to investigate. Maybe its just me or there’s some fixing to do. But after trying several apps that could help me to figure things out,  I firmly believe its definitely not my PC. Yes, I did tried reinstalling the Shareit file sharing app both on my Android device and desktop PC and its no use.

Network issue? Starting with my current local network setup, I should be getting at least 100Mbps (12.5MB/s) because the WiFi router LAN port connected to my PC is limited to that speed. Maximum speed of the router is 150 Mbps. I have a Tenda W316R and yeah its old. Upgrading is not an option because I’m saving money for more important things. By the way, using the Shareit file sharing app I can only get up to 2MB/s transfer rate and at 1.5MB/s on the average. That is around 16Mbps max only, right?

I tried googling for similar apps and only two of them got my attention. That is, after installing them and trying them out for a real world tests – the 2 GB file transfer test. First is the Zapya file sharing app. The best thing about this app is that connecting the sender and receiver device is seamless. Once you open the Zapya mobile app then firing up the Zapya on your PC and clicking “Join Group”, your mobile device will be connected fast. Unlike using the Shareit app, most of the time you have to “scan to connect” first which doesn’t work 100% of the time. For the transfer speed, Zapya can go up to 6MB/s or 48Mbps. This is 3x faster than Shareit! The only problem that is shared by Shareit and Zapya app is that they didn’t seem to have a “history” or list of previously devices that was used to send/receive files.

Send Anywhere (EstMob, Inc) transfer rate is at par with Zapya at 48Mbps but the best thing about this file sharing app is that it maintains a list of devices that was previously connected. For simplicity, use the slider above to view and figure how to use this app. Its easy! There’s a lot more to this app, a Chrome, Gmail extension and a WordPress plugin for anyone wishing to explore the feature and capability of this file sharing app. And last but not the least, the GUI is so neat and very informative. What do you think?

What similar app you’re using right now? If it’s faster and seamless than Send Anywhere then please let us know in the comments!

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