Samsung GamePad Unveiled To Hit European Market First


It seems that smartphone manufacturers finally acknowledges a growing market in mobile gaming. If you’re reading my blog post in the past, you already knew that an iOS game pad (Moga Ace Power) was already available at the Apple Store. There’s also the PhoneJoy that caters both iOS and Android devices but still being developed as of this date. This emerging mobile gaming market seems to recognize by Samsung that they finally released their own game pad. Actually, the first prototype is a white game pad that floated around during the first quarter of the year. Due to some problems that somehow mimics some existing game controllers, Samsung re-designed it a bit, change its color and re-arrange the buttons making it look the way it is today.

Dubbed as Smartphone GamePad, this game controller is designed to work with any Android smarpthones with sizes between 4 inch and 6.3 inch. It is known to work with Android devices with Jelly Bean mobile OS installed and equipped with Bluetooth 3 or NFC for wireless connection. But of course, since this is a Samsung product it is expected to work seamlessly with any Samsung smartphone. Samsung Gamepad will now allow you to play your favorite mobile games anywhere you go anytime you want. No more painful screen swiping.

Samsung GamePad comes with a mobile app to be installed on your smartphone. This is very useful for quick access to your favorite mobile games and the ones that you wanted to buy online. To initiate the Mobile Console app, just press the “PLAY” button on the game pad. To download the app, you can go to the Samsung Apps Store or by pressing the same “PLAY” button.

Samsung GamePad comes with an 8-way D-Pad buttons, 2 analog sticks, 4 action buttons, 2 trigger buttons, select/start buttons and the PLAY button. It is rechargeable that is equipped with a 160 mAh battery.


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