How to Recover Files from Lost Disk Partition using TestDisk


It was a real disaster. The last time that my hard disk crashed is when I’m watching a movie stored on a partition and that was almost five years ago! Luckily, I was able to recover the files from the lost partition by using Test Disk. But it happened, again. This time I was playing DOTA 2 online when suddenly my computer freezes followed by a BSOD then it shut down by itself. After checking the problem I found out my computer no longer recognize the bootable drive. Also, I found out that it stop at CLASSPNP.sys during safe mode. I searched online for some quick solution but none of them worked for me. That is the time that I finally realized that my hard disk was damaged.

Damaged harddrive could mean data is lost - forever

Damaged harddrive could mean data is lost – forever

I quickly go to a computer store and bought a 1TB WD SATA drive to replace my old 80 GB WD IDE drive. Yes, that is right. I still have this drive and still running until the tragedy happened last (Saturday) night. Losing any files is eminent so I decided to buy a new one and use it to install the OS. By the way I’m using IDE to SATA chip to attach my old HDD on my new Gigabyte mobo (geek term for “motherboard”). I’m telling you this because maybe it is not advisable to use this workaround and use it as a gaming disk. So don’t commit the same mistake.

Most of the time, recovering a lost partition is dangerous than recovering the files within that partition. That is why we will just try to recover files to be safe. Below are the steps needed to successfully recover files using the TestDisk desktop software by Keep in mind though that using this method does not guaranty 100% success rate. The success of a file recovery process depends on many factors like the extent of the damage, the software used and the time and effort involved.

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