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This might be a little late for some trainers out there but you can still check my list below to see if you have missed something. I will not include other tips that was already circulating in the web like “how to get Pikachu” the first time you join the game. If you still don’t know well just ignore the pokemons that will appear then walk a little further and wait for Pikachu to appear. The list below are based on my experiences and I also confirm it with my fellow trainers. Have something to share? Please feel free to put it in the comments below and I will be more than happy to include it in my list.

  • Pokemons that are not yet evolved that comes with 400-500 CP is a good catch. Most of the time depending on a particular type, when evolved will give you a CP of around 1000-1500 or even more. But take note that these pokemons are hard-to-get so plan ahead. Read more to know how.
  • The target ring’s color indicates how easy or hard to capture a particular pokemon. It ranges from green (easy) to red (hard) with variants of orange or light brown in between. Touch and hold the pokeball to determine the color. You can then put it back again in place to plan your next move. Either to give it a razzberry or change your pokeball to a higher level. Some pokemons that turns the target ring to “red” will only give you single chance of capturing it.
  • Excellent throw (100XP) and Great throw (50XP) can be achieved if you will hit the pokemon within the target ring at its smallest size. But that is not all. I noticed that you have to hit the target ring in the center or below the center. While Curveball (10XP) can be easily achieved if you will “roll” or “rotate” the ball first before throwing it. Or you can also do the simple “Angry Bird” style but make sure that you will hit the pokemon at the other side that is at the opposite from where you throw the ball. That is, if you throw the ball from the left, you must hit the right side of the pokemon.
  • Missed pokeballs can be “tap” again to decrease the “wait” time. Remember that the longer the capture time the lesser the chance for you to capture that pokemon. Sometimes those missed balls rolls endlessly that it will look like the app “freezes”. So “tap” those missed balls and increase your chance.
  • Use your lucky egg wisely. Lucky eggs have a very limited time of 30 minutes only. Experience gained within this time limit is doubled. So the best thing to do is to gather pokemons as many as you can and level it up all together. The best pokemon for this trick are Pidgeys because it requires only 12 of them to evolve.
  • Protect your Pokemons from being transferred accidentally to the Professor by tagging it as your “Favorite”. Just tap the “star” icon and wait for its color to turn yellow and that’s it.
  • Most of the pokemon trainers I met advise me to level up first so that higher CP pokemons will pop out that when evolved will give you CP of 1500 to 2000. This can be true because right now at level 22 I was able to capture pokemons with CP of 400-500. I did try to evolve them and yes the CP was around 1500+.
  • Appraise feature in Pokemon Go simplifies the method of “choosing” which pokemon to transfer or which pokemon to retain. Though it does not give you the details like the percentages of its overall-IV, stamina IV and attach+defense IV stats, the Appraise tool is a sure way method. I noticed that for pokemons that are not evolved yet, IV calculator will often give you the “incorrect” perception that it will grew up to be the best pokemon of its kind sf database. On the other hand, the Appraise tool in Pokemon Go will give you a “consistent” approximation of a particular pokemon whether it is evolved or not cialis art. Try this. I have a pidgeotto with CP 367 HP 62 and stardust requirement of 1300. I use IV calculator of Silph Road site and it gives “NOW THAT’S A PRETTY SOLID MON, YOU’VE GOT THERE.”. Then I evolve it to a Pidgeot with a stats of CP 648 HP 81 and stardust 1300. Then I use the IV calculator again. This time the result is somewhat “NOW THAT’S A PRETTY SOLID MON, YOU’VE GOT THERE. NOT PERFECT, BUT DEFINITELY A DECENT FIGHTER!. With the Appraise tool, the result is consistent – “..may not be great in battle…it’ll get the job done..”. Yes, the info is very limited but helpful and simple that is unless you really want to check the stats apple-to-apple of the same type of pokemon.IV calculator vs Appraise tool
  • Malls are the best place to “farm” for pokemons because the rate at which they appear are very high. The reason here is that the “convergence” of trainers here are very high. To reap the benefits, be sure to pile up lots of pokeballs and ignore potions and revive items for the meantime. Go to a mall and catch them all. Already have a lucky egg? Then you know what to do.
  • Going for a Gym battle? Then this is the opposite of the tip above. This time pile up revive items and potions because you will need a lot of these in your plan to take over the gym in your area. Before going to a war make sure to decide first which of your pokemons will do the “offense” and which of them will serve as the “defender” of the gym. Take note that if you accidentally pick all your pokemons with high CP for the “offense” team even if some of those pokemons aren’t defeated you will no longer be able to pick them as the “defense” pokemon. Yes, only one of your pokemon will serve as the defender of the gym. But other trainers with the same team as yours can also put their pokemon as “defender” to help you.
  • Have you experience pokemons that appear so suddenly right after another? If it is one of the “rare” pokemons then you should do everything to catch it because the possibility that it will escape is very high. Feed it first then use the highest level of pokeball that you have.
  • Enable “Battery Saver” under the “Settings” option so that if you put your mobile phone down (upside-down) the screen will go blank that will minimize the overall power requirement. You will often do this if you are not looking at your phone and just simply carrying it in your hand.

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