MS Word Zero-Day Bug Allows Access to your Computer


Microsoft Patch Tuesday is just around the corner. And before the Windows system updates becomes available, you might want to refrain from using MS Word docs from unsollicited sources.

The news was already all over the cyberspace yesterday. And it should not be the sole reason for you to worry. According to the researchers at McAfee it is a “zero day” bug meaning that Microsoft is yet to issue a patch for this. Lets just crossed our fingers that the next Patch Tuesday will completely fix this bug.

The MS Word exploit works after opening a particular document that is infected with the “zero day” bug. What will happen next is that it will download another application crafted in HTML code but disguised as Rich Tex files. Upon execution of this HTML code it will connect to an external server to download and install malware into your system.

All versions of MS Office is affected including MS Office 2016 for Windows 10. Therefore it is highly advised to open such files in “Protected View” mode.

As of this posting a Microsoft representative already confirmed a fix and will be available tomorrow’s Patch Tuesday (US time).

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