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I am not convinced yet that we as gamers are in the post-PC era already – that the games we have played on mobile are way better than their PC counterparts. But not until I have tried playing this Korean-only MMORPG. Knights of Night was already at PC-level in terms of graphics and gameplay that is so detailed and packed with high quality definitive character designs. Netmarble/Neo seemed to have put so much effort in creating this game that along with the eye-catchy designs, gameplay is so smooth and it matches with everything else as well. Maybe I am just exaggerating on this so please try playing this game first then see it for yourself.

Since this game is filled with Korean texts 99% of the time, I still managed to play this game and reach level 33 for my assassin character using my previous knowledge of similar RPG/Dungeon games that I have played before. By the way, there’s four character class that you can choose from depending on your game play. There’s the assassin wielding two blades, warrior with a big hammer, mage and a warrior princess wielding a big sword. Knights of Night characters are gender locked so this is a little disappointment at first. If you will ask me, I prefer a warrior class that wields a big sword than the assassin or the big hammer.

Compared to other mobile games of the same genre, Knights of Night is very similar. Dungeon based, campaigns, PVP, raid, guilds, crafting, wings, gears customization and costumes. The only noticeable difference is that playing this game is always a character-combo scenario. Yes, with your first choice of character (i.e. assassin) you are required to pair it with any of the remaining three characters of the game. As a result, you will be obliged to level it and gear it up so in the end it will be like choosing two character class. Troublesome? At first this is my impression but as the game gets tougher, character-combo seems to make sense – a lot.

Gameplay is very smooth that you will blame your ISP most of the time. Yes, this is true. Game will automatically close if your internet connection is crappy so avoid doing “limited” dungeon/raid runs using data and use WiFi instead. As of this posting there are 4 game mode to choose from. Campaigns/dungeons, Raid, Endless battle and PVP. There’s 2 types of PVP here I guess. First is the real PVP and the other is more of a PVE where in the end the player you are up against with is the Boss enemy. Most of the time in this PVP, you have to defeat first the minions and cannons to get to the Boss player. Winners will get 15 ruby while losers will get only 5.

Raid on the other hand is very similar but I think there are two in this game. The first is the raid against a boss monster wherein 5 players are teamed up. Accessories, gears and coins will be the reward. The other raid is similar to a campaign but you will get evolve stones as a reward. Second character can also be used as well as other online players to get evolve stones on the second attempt. The first attempt using your chosen character is an “actual” fight while the second is more of like “expedition” similar to ShadowBlood game that you only have to wait for the time required to expire.

Currency of the game are gems, gold coins and ruby. Gold coins are rewarded in Endless battle while gems from quests and mission rewards. Rubies on the other hand can be obtain thru PVP.

Knights of Night mobile game might not be available in Google Play depending on your country of residence. To download, you need to visit and install the app. From the app, search for Knights of Night (KON) then download and install. Happy gaming!

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