How to Show the Sidebar Menus in iTunes 11


Apple already released their update in their iTunes software yesterday. There’s a little refining done on the graphical interface that is somewhat unnoticeable to the eyes of an average iTunes user. Overall, you might not be delighted with the updates made if you seldom use iTunes to purchased iOS apps, music, magazines, e-book and movies. But upon launching the new iTunes 11 after the upgrade is finished, I was surprised that the sidebar menu is missing. I have to admit that I’m one of those average iTunes user that I’m really used to navigating within the iTunes using the sidebar menu.

So where did the sidebar menu go? In my frustration, I was going to write a blog post about this but when I try to save my work via Ctrl + S, the iTunes software suddenly became the app in focused. This incident happens because iTunes is asking whether I will download all the updates of all the apps installed on my iPad 2. So after receiving the Ctrl + S command that was really intended for my MS Word app and not for iTunes, the sidebar menu just appeared. To test whether it really works I tried again the command and it just toggles to showing and hiding the sidebar menu.

A small icon located at the upper left corner of iTunes 11 can help bring back the Sidebar menu

A small icon located at the upper left corner of iTunes 11 can help bring back the Sidebar menu.

Before that happens, I’m looking for ways to turn everything back to normal on the Internet after the iTunes upgrade to version 11. But all of my efforts were futile. What I didn’t notice is the small icon at the upper left corner of the iTunes 11 GUI. After clicking that icon, there’s an option to show the Menu bar. If you choose that option by clicking or via Ctrl + B command, the top Menu bar will appear. If you will try to see what’s inside the View menu, you will find the “Show Sidebar” option that is also doable via Ctrl + S keyboard command similar to saving documents in most text or word processing software.

Though I’m not familiar with all the updates and changes made to iTunes, I really hate when developers tried to change how software looks or behaves. This could mean nightmares to casual users like me not knowing how to cope up with the changes brought by software upgrades. A little notice will do or perhaps a pop-up message telling you that “we did something terrible that you might not be able to use this software again” so that you will know how to use the newer version.

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