Google Unveils Find My iPhone Service for Android


The waiting game is now finally over. In a recent announcement by Google in their official Android blog, the internet search giant will be releasing their own ‘Find My iPhone’ service to help protecting your privacy or at the very least lessen the instance of smartphone theft. Dubbed as the Android Device Manager, Android users can now enjoy a similar treatment when it comes to losing a mobile device and your private information falling into the wrong hands. With this online service you can now locate your lost gadget on the map in real time.

Yes, you’re right. Android Device Manager works just like Apple’s Find My iPhone service. The other good news is that it will be rolled out to almost any Android devices starting from Android 2.2 up to the latest version. In addition to locating your gadget on a map, features also include ringing aloud (at maximum volume) your mobile device and wiping all the data in case of device theft.

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager can help you to locate your lost Android phone on a map in real time.

To use the service you need to have a Google account and signed in to manage or all your devices. In addition to logging online, you can also use the service via app on your Android device that is, if your gadget is still with you.

Google will be releasing the service before this month ends and this is their answer to US government’s call reduce smartphone theft. Apple already did their part by releasing the ‘Activation Lock’ and seems to be more efficient than ‘Find My iPhone’ service. But since the said feature will be only rolled out to iOS 7 capable devices, it will not be that much of help to many. In this case, Google should be working hard to release a feature similar to Apple’s ‘Activation Lock’ to finally put an end to increasing mobile device theft.

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