Get the iWatch Experience Now via I’m Watch & Pebble Smart Watch


In my previous post, we are expecting new breed of gadgets that could somehow steal the attention we are currently putting into smartphones and tablets. No, it’s not a new smartphone or phablet that could be similar to Samsung Galaxy S4 running on eight cores nor a hybrid desktop PC tablet running on both Android and Windows 8 OS. Instead, we are expecting for wearable technologies like the iWatch concept from Apple or the Google Glass that is set to take the center stage before the year ends. Having said this, early adopters of these gadgets like you might want to consider getting the experience now via these alternatives that I’m going to present to you my dear readers.

Yes, there are wearable technologies that already exist similar to the iWatch. There’s the Pebble smart watch that is a Kickstarter project that receives a lot of funding from millions of backers worldwide. It uses a black and white e-Ink display instead of color LCD making it less expensive compared to other smart watches. It has a battery life of 7 days and can be safely used outdoors that is currently priced at $150. Additionally, the Pebble smart watch supports both Android 2.3+ and iOS 5+ allowing majority of smartphone and tablet users to pair this wearable tech with their gadget. For more information about this successful Kickstarter project, you can visit the official site here.

This Italian made smart watch dubbed as I'm Watch boasts a high class design and beauty

This Italian made smart watch dubbed as I’m Watch boasts a high class design and beauty.

For people with deep pockets who can afford expensive gadgets, the Italian made I’m Watch could be the perfect smart watch for them. This wearable technology is beautiful and expensive that has a $449 price tag. And if you want to level up your social status amongst your friends, you can order the special edition of the I’m Watch with white gold and diamond accents for a hefty price of $19,990. Both version features a 1.5 inches LCD square display powered by a 400 MHz processor. It has a 4 GB of flash storage and integrated with Bluetooth technology for pairing to other devices. Like the Pebble smart watch, the pricey I’m Watch supports Android 4.0/4.1 and iOS 4 and above. For a full description of the said product you can visit the official site here.

What do you think of Pebble smart watch and the Italian made I’m Watch? Could it be at par with Apple’s iWatch once it make its debut before the year ends? Share us your thoughts by posting your comments below.

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