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How’s your day? Looking for some online RPG/PVP games to spend your weekend? Well, if you ask me I just got back to posting after slacking for several months (4 months!) playing a similar game. I get addicted to this game due to its simplicity in terms of controlling your character as well as the graphics and unique combos available. In addition to this, you can also aesthetically improved your character’s appearance via costumes as well as the stats (damage, defense, speed etc.) by throwing in some money. Yes, we can say that this is a pay-to-win game but if you really explored the game well you won’t say that again. Of course, if you want it easy you’ll pay, if you don’t want to pay then grind. I’ll elaborate on that later so we’ll skip this for now and just talk about the game features that matters the most.

First and foremost, Elsword is both a PVP and PVE online RPG game. It’s also a 2.5D (not 3D) that won’t need much GPU power from your laptop or desktop PC. Yes, this is not a mobile game guys. The game is a 2.5D because it’s not like any 3D games in which you’re allowed to roam around in 360 degree. The term used to describe a 2.5D game is “side scrolling” in which you’ll be using left and right arrow keys to move within the map. If you know Mario Bro’s game then you’ll see that Elsword is pretty much the same.

In this game, you won’t be using your mouse most of the time unless you’re managing your items, gears, skill tree, game settings etc. Also, your WASD keys won’t get the same punishment unlike in your DOTA 2 and other FPS games. Playing Elsword will require you at the most to press Z (faster attack but lower damage) and X (slower attack but higher damage) to execute attack combos. Skills on the other hand can be accessed via the 8 keys (A,S,D,C – skill slot A; Q,W,E,R – skill slot B) with the first 4 keys unlocked by default. Yes, you have to spend some money (around 30-50 Php)  to unlock the skill slot B Haha. So you’ll notice that 90% of your playing time will be spent on your keyboard so I’ll also suggest to get a mechanical keyboard for the best Elsword gaming experience.

Elsword features a lot of characters to choose including job paths and unique combos.

Elsword features a lot of characters to choose from including different job paths and unique combos.

Unique Characters. Elsword features a diverse selection of characters (Elsword, Elesis, Ara, Chung, Aisha, Eve, Rena and Add) with each own unique capabilities, job path, skill sets and skill cut-ins. So please examine yourself first (playing style etc.) and determine which character will fit your gaming profile. If you’ll spend some time on this, you will avoid the problem of feeling that your character is a no-match to your opponent’s character. Because in the end, it is not the character skills that will matter but your skills as an Elsword player and the enjoyment that your chosen character would bring to your gaming experience.

Inventory and Bank System. You’ll hate this thing because you’re only allowed to store similar items in for each item category. There’s the equipment(gears), accessories(as the name implies), consume(potions etc.), items, quest, special etc. To complement this, there’s the Bank System in which you can share selected items with other characters that you created in the game. If you want, you can expand each item category and your bank to increase capacity, well, by spending some money.

Wedding System. I really don’t understand this much coz I haven’t try this at all. But similar to real life wedding you really need to spend money on this. In return, you will receive special items (including stamina potion) every week that can help you a lot in the game. I also heard that character stats can be further enhanced via titles that is only obtainable by players after a certain period of time spent as married couples. Break ups? Yeah, you could but in expense of a certain amount of ED that depends on how long you spend as a married couple. Either one of you doesn’t have that amount of ED, then you cannot break up.

Elsword features different job paths for your chosen character with unique skills each.

Elsword features different job paths for your chosen character with unique skills each.

Socketing. Gears like armors and weapons can be further enhance using gemstones that can be obtained inside the dungeon, via quests or by just grinding outside the field. Gears and weapons (whether obtained by grinding or crafting) depending on its class (Rare, Elite, Unique) can have up to 4 sockets! So just imagine how much boosts you can get from this system.

Mount, Pets and Profession System. Unlike in RO2, mounts can used inside dungeons and fields in Elsword. Pets and mounts can enhance the playing experience because pets can help you in PVE by providing healing and support. Mounts on the other hand increases your attack power, mobility and defense that will allow you to defeat mobs and bosses much easier. Profession just like in any game similar to Elsword allows you to obtain/craft items that will further enhance your playable character’s stats.

Stamina. This feature will limit you from playing this game non-stop because playing Elsword is so much fun. Stamina is consumed when playing in dungeons and fields. To avoid too much stamina lost, always try to play in a party of three (max is 4) players in fields and dungeons. But you can get a chance to get it filled up again (30% increment) via stamina potions by trying your luck to exchange “Heroes Coin” (obtained in Dungeons) via the NPC Ariel located in every major city. Stamina is reset and filled up again every 6am GMT+8. If you’re logged in the game and it’s already 6am, switching to another character or just by logging out will reset your Stamina. If you don’t switched characters or logged out of the game (dunno for how long) then your Stamina won’t reset. Too bad.

Elsword is both a PVE and PVP online RPG PC game

Elsword is both a PVE and PVP online RPG PC game with skill cut-ins that also enhances the gaming experience.

Another Pay-to-Win online game? For me, Elsword is not a pay-to-win game. Why? Because if you’ll compare the items at the Item Mall with the items that can be obtained in-game you’ll notice that the difference in the stats aren’t that far. There’s a lot of item combinations (gemstones, accessories, equipment set etc.) that you can use to obtain the stats that you want. ED or the in-game currency can be used to buy some items for sale by other players. Need higher stats? Then use gemstones right? Also there’s the “cubes” (field boss cubes etc.) that allows you to obtain random items(El shards, gemstones, resurrection stones, NPC card etc.). Last but not the least, there’s a lot of events that will give you a chance to obtain items as event reward. Just keep up to date with the latest events in the game via the official Elsword forum site and via the official Elsword PH Facebook page. But if you’re lazy (and didn’t want to use some cash) and you just love to wait for some good things to happen, then Elsword and any other similar online RPG games isn’t for you. By the way I’m playing Elsword in the PH server (Garena) so please be guided appropriately as to what server you should be playing.

Getting ready to play this game? Just a reminder guys (especially to all the students out there) to try yourself not to get too (attached) addicted to this game and try to live normal lives. I myself is now very much hooked up in this game that I already created 3 characters (Raven, Chung and Elsword) with levels between 65-70. I also spend some money trying to discover every interesting part of the game. For the most part, its very much rewarding and fun!

To finalize this post, I also want to remind you guys that since this is an online game, beware of suspicious gamers trying to scoop some money (either ED[in-game currency] or GS[currency for buying items at the Item Mall]) away from you. Good luck and have a nice weekend!



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    Apr 9, 2015 @ 11:35 am

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    Apr 9, 2015 @ 11:30 am

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