Bullied Disabled CSGO Gamer Gets A Heartwarming Response


There’s a famous qoute that says “Be kind to everyone because everyone you meet is fighting a battle”. Last Monday, a 17 year old Counter Strike: Global Offensive player by the name of Adam “Loop” Bahriz got a negative response from one of his match. His CSGO teammates immediately assumed he is just trolling around after telling them his condition – Bahriz has hereditary sensory and auditory neuropathy. HSAN can manifest in different ways, and for Bahriz he has vision and hearing problems and even had his teeth removed. As a result he speaks and sounds a little bit different.

Generally, on 80% of his CSGO matches and after telling his teammates about his condition responses are positive. That time though after speaking this same words, he got a different response telling him to “not even try it” and mutes him. As a response, Bahriz says “ok, I won’t talk” then continue with the game. Soon afterwards for not talking, Bahriz was kicked from the match.

Bahriz said – “I was honestly caught off guard by the way my team reacted.”… “I was shocked and sad at the same time … did they all have a bad day?”

Bahriz was streaming his match while the incident happened and one of this viewers on Twitch “shared” his experience and posted it on a Global Offensive subreddit telling the community to “show him some love”. Viewers then “rallied” on his stream counting to around 5,000 and even start donating hundreds of dollars. As a result, her mother can now afford his eye surgery and had already made arrangement to the only clinic in Southern California.

“Honestly all these donations have given me, a 17 year old, a level of financial security that I cannot even begin to fathom,” – Bahriz

“It really shouldn’t be that difficult to distinguish a troll from an actual disabled person. Had the players that kicked me looked at my profile for one second they would’ve easily seen that I’ve been a member of ESEA for far longer than them and have much higher karma,” he said. “So just try to be more respectful and considerate of the people you play with. I understand that trolling and bad stuff happen in CSGO but there is a line that cannot be crossed, and people need to learn to recognize where that line is.”

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