Control your Samsung Smart TV via Finger Gesture


No matter how big your TV at home, the most important thing that will matter is the convenience of its operation. It is how seamless you navigate through the different channels, menus and settings that are available for you. Yes, there’s the remote and now voice controls (Samsung only?) that will allow you have a more relaxing way of watching your favorite movie at the comfort of your sofa. But don’t you think that there’s something better than this? Samsung thinks so. And it seems that they already figured it out by introducing a more convenient way of operating your smart TV by moving your fingers.

In their announcement on their site, Samsung will showcase a new breed of smart TVs with superior usability. Dubbed as ‘finger gesture’, this feature will somehow remind you of the movie Iron Man 3 wherein Tony Stark operates multiple computer screens by hand and finger movements. Got excited? In conjunction to the voice controls already available, finger gesture will now allow you to select or change channels, play or pause a movie, adjust volume controls etc. by moving your fingers in such a way that is recognized by the system. Yes, you’re right it works just like the Kinect on your Xbox game console.

Do you want to take a closer look on how this feature works? Samsung will be at the CES 2014 at booth #12004 located at the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.


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