Build a Steam Machine to have your own Xbox or PlayStation Console at Home


We all know that Xbox and PlayStation consoles were among the best gaming consoles around bringing not only excitement and fun to the gamers but also full digital home entertainment experience to a user. Of course, great and good things has its price. Though console wars would benefit us (both gamers and home users) by limiting the price down to entice users, having a PlayStation or Xbox needs a deep pocket. But this is about to change my dear readers. Valve already released their own console OS dubbed as SteamOS that only needs a hardware to be installed into. Currently in beta stage, this Linux-based operating system can be downloaded via the Valve site by going to the “Build your own Steam Machine” page. Instructions were also provided in the said page so make sure you followed all the steps.

Having said that Valve’s own gaming console OS is currently in beta and that is Linux-based, you should note that the steps needed to build one is not for an average PC user. Also, some of the features that you’re expecting in this build may not be available this time. Worry not because Valve will be releasing it in next year. And if you will be successful in this feat, you will be on your way to building a PlayStation-like or Xbox-like gaming console. Hardware requirements are not that hard to find though requiring an Intel or AMD 64-bit processor, NVIDIA graphics cord, 4 GB+ RAM and a 500 GB HDD. Additional features like UEFI boot support and installation via USB port is also desirable which I believe already exists on almost all motherboards on the market today.

As a final note, I will say it again that SteamOS is not yet a full blown OS console so expect some kinks along the way. But do not forget that Valve’s OS is designed (aimed) to replace every entertainment and game console in your home. Did forgot to say that you can also sell your Steam Machine? Check this page on the Valve site to know more.


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