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How’s your day? Are you the type of person that needs to be constantly reminded of the things that should be done? Weren’t you able to manage multiple tasks efficiently on or off your desk? Do you really think that you need a personal assistant right now? If your answer is ‘Yes’ to all these questions, then I highly advise that you get yourself a smartphone or a tablet (just kidding) and make sure that you read carefully the next paragraphs. I’ve been there before so I know that same feeling that I experienced for the last 5 years (at least) of my IT career.

I did have a smartphone back then but listing them all via a note taking app is very tedious and boring. And for this method to work your way, you really need to constantly remind yourself by looking at your phone every now and then. Ok, I can hear someone at the back saying that I should use the native calendar app instead. I tell you, going that route is almost as tedious as well. With almost any calendar app that exists today, you have to get comfortable with a particular calendar software before you get used to it. And this takes time and sometimes a lot of effort for a single task. app is a great app for your TODO list app is a great app for your TODO list

What busy people need like you and me is something that will allow you to manage your to do list in a more intuitive way. A software that will be just simple as reminding you what task needs to be done at a particular time and makes it easy for the user to re-schedule a task with just a tap on a button. With this route, it is much simpler to be reminded of anything while focusing on the task currently at hand. And I tell you, this app works just like that. Using it is a breeze.

Just like any note taking app or to-do list software, yes, you can set alarms, add a note, re-schedule a task, share it etc. Additionally this app can be used on your desktop computer via a Chrome plugin. And with Gmail on your browser you can even create a task straight from your email. So whether you’re on your desk at your office or on-the-go with your phone, you can still keep up with everything on your list. Yes, internet is needed for the mobile-to-desktop and vice-versa but you can use it in offline mode except if you opt to share a particular TODO list item with your friend.

To use this app, you need an email and use it to register for an account. After that, install it via iTunes or Google Play and you’re on your way to a smooth ride of handling all your tasks. Personally, I really like this app because I didn’t even have to teach you or anyone how to use it. Everything you need is right there on your mobile device’s screen. You can even drag and drop a task to move it higher or lower making it a top or lower priority. And what really good about this is that this app will allow you to plan (again) for your day. With this, you can efficiently take a look again and re-schedule everything on your list.

In summary, app is not your average app that you would come across every day. It’s like what the Apple founder – Steve Jobs has done for the iPhone. It’s simple, clean, and smooth and it just works.

With you can even add tasks straight from your Gmail on Chrome

With you can even add tasks straight from your Gmail on Chrome

For more info about this app, you can use the link provided below. Can you share with use your favorite app in managing your to-do list?

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