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Hi! I’m Eugene. My fascination about how computer programs work is what brought me here to what I am today. Computer Engineer by profession, I currently work as a Sr. Engineer/Sr. Specialist doing PERL scripting to automate tasks and maintaining in-house MySQL database servers.

I love to read anything about computers, tech-news, gadgets and other technology related news in my spare time that will satisfy my fascination about how the cyberspace works. If I find it interesting, I share it with my friends using my own blog that also serve as my own encyclopedia of the things I learned from the Internet.

My nickname ‘NUTC24CK32’ comes from my favorite animated film ‘The NUTCRACKER Prince’ that is about a young man named Hans that was turned into a nutcracker doll after breaking the spell cast upon a princess by cracking the fabled Krakatooh nut between his teeth. I played a little bit with the name itself by replacing some letters with numbers that do look like letters of the alphabet to me.

The blog site name ‘KOMPYUTERAN’ comes from the name of a computer shop where I started to learn how to troubleshoot computer problems. The owner of the shop always provided me the ‘knowledge’ and ‘tools’ each time I encounter a problem with my own computer. To give credit to the owner of the shop (Kuya Ariel) and the computer shop itself, I decided to brand my blog the ‘KOMPYUTERAN’ name.

When I’m not blogging, I might be busy playing with my 4-year old son, reading, playing video games on my wife’s iPad 2, my Note 2, desktop PC or just watching movies with my family. See the list below for some of my blog post that might interest you. Have a nice day!

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