Apple iOS Devices Vulnerable to Hacked Phone Charger

Apple iOS Devices Vulnerable to Hacked Phone Charger

Jun 4, 2013

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Apple engineers at the Cuppertino headquarters maybe busy right now creating a way out to this trouble.  In a research done by three hackers, they are claiming that any Apple devices can be exploited via the charging port. They also claim that the hack can be accomplished with little effort using cheap circuit boards (BeagleBoard) within 60 seconds. This recent discovery can be alarming knowing the fact that Apple iOS devices are considered by many to have better security compared to Android and other mobile OS.

Hacked phone charger

Apple devices were found to be vulnerable to an attack using a modified phone charger.

The exploit is done via a modified phone charger (called Mactans) that will be used to bring in the malicious code into the iOS device. This method of evading the security in place by Apple covers a very wide range of iOS device users because it does not require a jailbroken device nor manual intervention for the exploit to work. Once the injected malware reached the iOS system, the malicious code will hide itself using the same method used by Apple to hide its own default system applications.

The attack method is not yet released into the wild wild west (WWW) so there should be no reason to panic right now. But next month, Georgia Tech, the group behind the research will be presenting the proof of concept via a malicious charger at the Black Hat conference.  For the meantime, iOS device owners should avoid utilizing free public phone charging stations at all times to be safe.

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